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Very gently easing myself back into life.
This morning was the first day back at school, a daunting prospect for us all. We've pretty much cocooned ourselves away over the Summer while we've been dealing with our raw grief. Life, however does go on, and today we all had to face the new school year.
Woody has taken the week off work so I don't have to face the school run alone. He held my shaking hand while I walked Sid into his new reception class.
I've also managed to do a tiny bit of sewing. My concentration levels have been at total zero since Florence was born, a combination of grief and post natal baby brain I think. Most days I've simply been concentrating on getting through the next minute, the next hour..

Don't be shy, say hello!


  1. thinking of you this week more than ever!


  2. I wish I could just engulf you and make everything feel better hun.
    It will take time, you know that and you're doing the right thing in taking it gently.
    You're blessed to recognise the support you each need and to have the confidence to do what's best for you and stuff work, hold hands, be with and comfort each other as often or as publicly as you need!!

    I hope Sids first day goes well, I want a funky bag like that!! :o)

  3. I hope the first day went well!
    Hugs and Kisses for you all
    Julie, Richard, Georgia and Louisa

  4. Thinking about you all this week - go slowly and be strong ((()))


  5. adding my thoughts as well. All you can do is take each moment as they come. Take good care of yourself and your family.

    Kat (Slugs on the Refrigerator)

  6. Hope he settles in well. I'm sure the funky bag will help!
    Big Hugs. xxx

  7. You are very wise. Treating yourselves gently is so very wise. Thinking of you this week, and every day.

    What a great little bag for Sid! Very stylish in the retro car print.

  8. Your children are blessed to have such a loving mummy. Hugs to all of you x

  9. Hope Sid's first day went well - for Sid *and* you! And what a cool pump bag :-)

  10. Thinking of you. Hope Sid had a great day

  11. Be gentle on yourself and only do what you feel up to doing.



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