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My brain today is one big jumble. I keep thinking of things I want to say, things I want to do,but there's this shakey feeling inside, and my mind skips about. The only time I feel calm is at Florence's grave side.
I want to tell you about the skirt I made this afternoon,but thankfully I think it speaks for itself. It's just a skirt for someone who is too fat to fit into most of her other winter skirts.

New skirt for a fatty

And on the fatty

I also want to tell you about Heather's wedding, been meaning to do that for a while. Suffice to say it was a gorgeous wedding,Heather was beautiful and I hope she and Gary will always be happy together.

Happy Couple

There's other "stuff" too, but like I said, my brain is a jumble.....

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  1. Way cute skirt! I love it! And that wedding dress is, of course, amazing!

    Been thinking of you lately and will continue to pray for healing! <3

  2. Love the skirt (especially the buttons!)

    I've already commented on the wedding dress but it bears saying again. The dress is stunning and she looks beautiful!

    Take your time and be gentle to yourself.


  3. gorgeous skirt!

    Hugs & brain disjumbling vibes xxxxx

  4. Beautiful skirt and dress.

    Still thinking of you x

  5. You know, that skirt is just the colour of Heather's shoes.... fess up - did you steal them? (Or is it wishful thinking?)
    Fab cheerful skirt - nice to see you creating again ;-)

  6. You know I love stripes ;-) That fabric looks decidedly Dutch. Great skirt. And that wedding dress, just gorgeous, she looks amazing in it.

  7. love the skirt and love the dress - she's beautiful in it!! xxxx

  8. LOL Liz, as much as I love Heather's shoes, I think she might have some choice words for me if I tried to steal them!
    Cybele! that fabric is Dutch...you bought it for me from one of your trips a couple of years ago!
    Thanks everyone for your comments.

  9. I am so glad that you were able to attend the wedding and soak up all the wonderful compliments that the stunning dress deserved! Thinking of you and your family during this enforced return to the 'real world'.
    Liz xx

  10. j, love the skirt, very funky, still thinking of you lots, even tho we haven't met, sending love, take each day at a time x

  11. Love everything Jeanette - the skirt, the buttons (my obsession - plus they are my favourite colour!) and the wedding dress is stunning too - well done !

  12. Great job on the skirt. I envy being able to create things you can wear! The dress is AMAZING! You should be very proud :) Thinking of you

  13. Beautiful! What a stunning stylish dress. They look so happy. Nice to have a ray of golden sunlight in your world Jeanette. I hope each ray breaks through the fog and helps you sort through your tumultuous time...Florence was in your arms for such a short time, I still can't believe it. I really love your blog, I may have to my own....

  14. Congratulations and goodluck to the newlyweds. They looked amazing. That dress was just gorgeous Jeanette...and love Gary's Dr Who style grooms outfit ;)
    Your skirt is very cute.Love it :)
    Take all the time you need to be. I did art bereavement therepy a few years ago, much recommended for helping you suss out these emmence felings and emotions...without finding the words.
    love, AM

  15. Fantastic wedding dress!
    Nice to see you sewing again, but yes, take your time. (())


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