Remembering Dad

4:38 pm

Remembering Dad on 365 Project

I remember the day this photo was taken, it was a warm summers day in 1973. I'd been shopping with my Mum and my brothers, and I remember being very proud of my lovely smock and shorts.
When we got home from shopping, my Dad had finished his shift as groundsman at the dog track we lived on, and was snoozing on our terribly 70's white plastic sofa with the orange cushions.
Mum had borrowed a camera from her brother and we dragged our poor sleepy Dad outside to the yard to take them. He hated having his photo taken, and sadly there are really only a small handfull of photos of him in existence, he was so good at avoiding the camera.
This photo is small, tatty, out of focus, but one of my treasures.
Love you Dad, twenty four years today since you left us. I'll see you in my dreams on the beach showing Florence the waves. x

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  1. Hugs to you Jeanette

  2. Hugs and love to you. My mom was the same way- detested having pictures of herself. I have so few - many of there were from her wedding. Just a handful with us kids. It was 25 years for us and it still stings. I pray they are all dancing on the beach......

  3. Much peace to you and thank you for the reminder to make myself be in some photos so my children will have something to look back on xx

  4. Remembering your dad with you. With love. Gorgeous photo.

  5. Oh, that photo brought a lump to my throat Jeanette, I have one so similar. In all your sadness hopefully you can clutch onto some element of perverse gratitude that your dad is holding Florence's hand. xxx

  6. beautiful photo, and what a beautiful memory. I can see them too J, on the beach.

  7. Hugs to you mamma.. and the beauty of the image of him dancing with Florence..

  8. Sorry I missed this, but thinking of you anyway, even if it is a bit belated. xx

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