Working Through The UFO Box

8:24 pm

Therapy, the kind that works for me, simple sewing, simple knitting, some spring cleaning, and time safe with my family.

Ernest modelling one of his new bibs.


And some bunting. (more bunting on my other blog.)

multi bunting

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  1. gorgeous do you get the rounded corners they look really good. xx

  2. Thanks Grace, photo editing with picnik. :0)

  3. I love that bib fabric. I am still holding on to my owl fabric scared to mess it up, even though Oscar is actually holding it up and saying 'mummy make that for you' lol

  4. I love the fabric of his bib. We have a bib, a wetbag and a few other things made with the same. Love it.

  5. Fabulous... and that armoire is the most lovely color!

  6. Wow, gorgeous bunting, gorgeous bib, gorgeous photos :)

  7. ooo lovely lovely photos!! Off to check out picnik, thanks :D

  8. Oh, love the photos!

    There is definitely something soothing about sewing.

  9. wow the fabric on that bib is so perfect!

  10. I have been meaning to write my own blog post about therapy, just this kind. Ive finally decided Im not going to feel horrible for NOT going to a therapist anymore, like Im willfully not "getting better", the joy and the therapy is in the faces of the living, and the mementos of the dead.
    My love

  11. hi Jeanette
    Is the bib one of your own patterns or do you have a link for it please? I fancy having a go at a couple of that style.

  12. Lesley, it's my own pattern, but honestly you could so very easily make one the same.
    Just use some scrap paper (newspaper will do) to draw the bib shape and create your pattern piece, cut two pieces of fabric, stitch together and add a snap/velcro/button for closing.

  13. Thanks Jeanette, I'll try that, and thinking about it logically (lightbulb moment lol) I can get the shape/length etc I like then. Sewing machine here i come :-)


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