Ice Lanterns

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I hadn't really heard of Ice Lanterns until I read about them here.I thought they sounded, and looked lovely and really wanted to have a go at making them for Florence's grave for Christmas eve.
I half followed the instructions given, but I forgot to take out the middle section and had to defrost a little and then re freeze.
I used some plastic tubs and for the mid section some metal yeast tubs.
Woody came up with a plan to use pennies to weight down the middle section, which worked better, since we could remove the pennies and use warm water in the yeast tubs to remove them easily from the frozen lantern.
Ice Lanterns On Christmas Eve
Such a simple idea, but so effective when lit.
Lit in honour of Florence and all the other children missed this Christmas. x
After the success of the grave lanterns I thought I'd experiment with making a large lantern for the Christmas dinner table.
This time I used a large ice cream tub, filled it about 1/3 of the way with water and left it to freeze solid. Then I added my weighted yeast tin, which sat nicely on the frozen water. I surrounded this with water and dropped in some holly berries and tiny pine cones from the garden.
I left this to freeze until about 15 minutes before dinner, then removed the yeast tin with a little hot water, and added my candle.

I did have to sit the lantern on a saucer to catch the drips, but it was so pretty and just kept on getting prettier as the ice melted and the berries and pinecones appeared.

I'll definately be making these again. x

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  1. They look WONDERFUL!!! It's not been cold enough for me to take Ice Lanterns to Calypso's grave. Today it finally snowed so I'll probably take some out tomorrow or maybe for new years

  2. I need to try this.. they look SO beautiful!

  3. totally going to use this idea, they look gorgeous. Hope you had special family time this week xx

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  5. Those are so, so beautiful. I want to make one for Emma.

  6. They are absolutely gorgeous. I definitely want to give them a try!


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