My new fireplace....more make do and mending

2:59 pm

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I've been meaning to do this for ages. My fireplace was very orange pine, and despite Woody's obvious worry about me painting the fireplace, I went ahead and did it anyway. I really like it, and I'm pleased to say Woody does too.
I really wanted to buy a nice new mirror, something in an old silver or gold, but finances are super tight so instead I've painted the old one in a shabby chic rustic style.I think it needs a little wax rubbed in and possibly a touch of metallic...
You can do some diy in a dress, oh and babywear too!

I've also finally got around to giving my ancient and much used nursing chair a set of new covers.

This chair was given to me by my lovely friend Anton, sadly lost to breast cancer almost seven years ago.
I'm pretty certain it was second hand when she first got it for her children, it's rocked a lot of babies over the years.
I have fond memories of breastfeeding my children in this chair, but especially Angus who would share my lap with his best friend James who would be feeding from a bottle at the same time.
Now that the chair has new covers I'm also pondering painting the frame.....

Things are still massively hectic around here, which is probably a good thing. I haven't had time to think too much about Christmas. About our third Christmas without Florence. Every now and again, I let my guard slip and find I'm in a puddle of tears. They don't last long. I don't let them. I'm too busy to let them.

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  1. What a beautiful set of renovations and such a positive post, I'm sure it will bring such comfort to those who are sharing a journey like yours.

    I need to think about doing something with my nursing chair, a Dutalier bought by my lovely hubby when Benedict was three days old. We still nurse in that chair, Pip and me, but she'd much rather use it as a climbing frame!

    Hugs San x

  2. How lovely Jeanette. Duncan wasn't sure about me painting our pine fireplace frame white either, he likes natural wood. I have to keep telling him though, that only stands true if the wood is nice (be it good quality or not 50 years old and going black lol). I think yours looks amazing. AND I love your covers for the chair. I have my rocking chair in Oscar's room just now, and we sit in it there to read his bedtime story, but I was thinking of painting it and re-covering it for the lounge in the New Year. I will look forward to seeing how you get on with yours.

  3. oh boy that lil man and his big blue eyes!!
    Love the frame, I've had the paints out busy on bits of pine.
    I'd say paint the chair but then at the moment if it doesn't move around here then it's getting painted!
    I was thinking about Florence the other day when I saw your post on NMers about your heart garland...she never strays far.
    I'll be lighting a candle for my darling Gran and your darling Florence on Christmas eve.
    Much love to all of you this Christmas season

  4. You are so amazingly talented Jeanette.. this look beautiful. I love the fabric on the chair and the way that the bright colors of the wood pop out against the fabric.
    Remembering Florence with you.. sending love and light.. xo

  5. What a precious reminder of a special friend, totally gorgeous covers and I always babywear when doing diy - you know exactly where they are! I must post a photo of my babe wearing your lovely dress, it is my favourite on her thank you x

  6. I love all the painting and chair coverings you have done. Your home looks lovely! I love the photo of you with your baby boy on your back. Remembering sweet Florence Violet... xoxo

  7. I love that picture of the roses in snow!

    And I love what you do, so creatively, all over the place. It is a real pleasure to see your beautiful ideas.

    We have a candle lit in our house for Florence...missing her with you.

    Much love,

    Cathy in Missouri

  8. Cathy, thank you. x

  9. You have such a talent for creating beautiful things - your 6 children are a real testament to that ... and these are gorgeous too.

    Holding you and Florence close as we get nearer to Christmas.

  10. I love your fireplace, mirror, and nursing chair. Those moments of sorrow sneak up on us, don't they? Busy notwithstanding. (((Hugs)))


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