So dark!

4:32 pm

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It's so very dark today. I finally got around to re covering this chair,but I can't get any decent photos, it's soooo dark!
Trying to cosy up my lounge in time for Christmas, and also in time for my Ofsted inspection which is looming.
I haven't mentioned it here before, but I'm in the process of becoming a registered childminder so that I can take care of a very special little one in April when his Mummy goes back to work.
There's a lot to do. I've completed the pre registration course, and updated my first aid certificate. Now I'm concentrating on preparing my home and myself for the inspection.
That's just another thing that's been keeping me busy right now.
There was time today mid chair covering to stop for a snuggle, some milk and a nap.
nap time milk

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  1. I've no idea how you manage to fit sooo much into your life & STILL be creative/crafty?!
    Chair looks lovely & cosey but I have to say lil man looks far more cosey & yummy!

  2. Good luck with your inspection - I'm sure you'll do well. I'm a registered caregiver this side of the pond! ;0) I did that whole process last year. Lucky little one to be with you and yours! The chair looks very pretty even in the darker light and that beautiful boy so content in your arms. xo

  3. I loved seeing the buildings out your window. Looks so English. I love England :)
    And I'm still in awe of your pumping abilities and the way you've nourished your wee boy. You're an inspiration to so many, Jeanette.
    Oh yes and lovely chair. Looks oh so cozy for your winter that lays ahead.

  4. He is getting SO big.. I just love that sleeping photo.
    The chair is lovely- I wish I had an inch of your sewing talent.
    The baby you will be caring for is fortunate indeed.. what a wonderful thing to do! Good luck!!

  5. I am so behind, I need to come back this evening and read up!! Wanted to pop in and say thank you so much for the art card, it is LOVELY and I adore it. You are fantastic <3


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