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sunbeam, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

The sun shone today as we decorated Florence's grave for Christmas. India captured these images, and they've lifted my heart a little.
We shouldn't be decorating a grave, we should be wrapping gifts for a two and a half year old little girl.
Instead she gets a little pink tree covered in butterflies and pretty blue baubles.

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  1. Florence's tree is stunning and I'm sure will also lift the spirits of others visiting their loved ones this holiday. Hugs to you...

  2. I would have sworn nothing could make me feel less Grinch-y this morning...

    But your pictures did.


    And *thank* you,

    Cathy in Missouri

  3. it looks very pretty, but you're right, you shouldn't be decorating her grave. she should be here with you. i wish she was :( big hugs (())XXX

  4. The light is really pretty, a beautiful ray but such a hard thing to do. Much love and strength as you face this festive time with someone missing xxx

  5. Beautiful, Jeanette. Preparing to make our Christmas trip to the cemetery as well.
    Never easy. Never what we want to be or should be doing.

  6. That light is just breathtaking. Your India has a talent with the camera.
    I've put a little tree on the buffet at Joseph's space too. It's a paltry substitute and I'd rather be decorating only one tree, that they can all admire here on earth.
    Love to you and little Flossie. x

  7. "I think somewhere, there is another me crumpled on the floor screaming and pounding her fists for always. Another one of those parallel universes that I can almost touch, but not quite."

    Jeanette, when I saw your stunning comment on Glow, I couldn't help writing.

    This is another one of those times when a "stranger" perfectly wraps words around my world while describing theirs.

    I am deeply sad and sorry that Florence is far from your arms, instead of in them.

    With love,

    Cathy in Missouri

  8. Cathy, it happens a lot in this world, that another can describe something we struggle with, it's why I'm glad for the friends I've made here, and on glow.
    Love to you. x

  9. (((((hugs))))) I wish she was here with you too xxxx

  10. Flossie's tree makes me smile each time I see it. What beautiful pictures your daughter took in memory of her baby sister....

  11. Beautiful photos. Sometimes I wish we had a place to go to and make special. Florence's place looks magical.

  12. They are great photos by India but no you shouldn't be decorating a grave, Florence should be here with you and your family.

    Love to you all this Christmas.

  13. I feel the same, it still hurts so much more than it seems like it should. I have found myself crying privately a bit more lately, missing them so much. Thinking of her, and you, always.


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