A little bit of organisation

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I do love a good tidy up, often if I'm stressed a good sort out of a cupboard or drawer can really help me relax.
Last evening I had the urge to tidy and reorganise Ernest's toys and books.
I do wish I had more space to rotate toys out on display, but sadly that's not an option right now, instead we just have to keep everything to a minimum...though I refuse to throw out the wooden puzzles with a piece missing, because I know as soon as I do the missing pieces will show up! Instead those puzzles are in a box tucked out of sight.
I've labelled all the toy boxes in the misguided belief that the children will all put everything back in the right boxes at the end of each day, and anyway I thought they might go down well at my forthcoming Ofsted inspection.

I think another trip to jolly old Ikea is needed for a few more baskets, some dolls and some play kitchen equipment.

I also had great fun last night putting together a treasure basket and a toddler basket.
I usually collect together non toy things I think Ernest will enjoy exploring, I've done it with all of my children, but I've never actually purposefully made a treasure basket before...more brownie points from Ofsted I hope.

I found these articles very helpful and interesting.
My toddler basket doesn't strictly follow the heuristic play rules, I've just popped things in there I either already know, or think will occupy Ernest.
There's the pipe cleaners woven through a holey pot .
Toddler distraction on 365 Project

The straws in a bottle

straws in a bottle on 365 Project

Plus various other household items he can stack, make patterns with or just generally use to experiment.

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  1. Your creativity is so enjoyable for me - really, a lot!

    I'm glad you share it here. Thank you. :)

    With love,

    Cathy in Missouri

  2. Organization is my little addiction.. love your cute basket tags.
    Happy New Year my friend...

  3. Gorgeous tags, hope the kids stick to your organisation! Happy new year to you and yours x

  4. I'm up for an ikea trip, I need a chair...wanna go together next term? My lot go back to school on the 9th.

  5. Sounds good to me Fiona, Woody will be so glad not to go!


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