A Challenge!

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After seeing the beautiful photographs a friend took of her four children last year, I have been inspired to try and do the same this year with my children.
Not so easy!
Firstly there is the problem of including Florence. I decided eventually that we will include her by including her little bunny that usually sits next to her photograph in my bedroom.
I thought maybe the bunny could be like the Usbourne duck, always included, but not always obvious....we'll see how that works out.
With a brief spell of good light in the lounge this morning, I quickly gathered the children together for a simple shot on the sofa...well it was meant to be simple!
63 shots later, and the pic above is the best shot, I think I've got my work cut out with this lot!

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  1. Yep... you definitely have your hands full with this crazy gang!!!

    Totally love the idea of including Florence's bunny, so right and so beautiful.

    India is a "proper young lady" is Woody having to fight off potential suitors at the door?!!

    Hugs San xx

  2. Im impressed that you managed it with 63shots!
    I think the bunny idea is beautiful

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful children - and I love Florence's bunny, also. Perfect. (But, and this is obvious - a far cry from the perfect of having HER RIGHT THERE.)

    You really do have gorgeous children. I love seeing them!

    xo, Cathy in Missouri

  4. Oh Jeanette! I will say it again as I do every time you post your babies.. they are GORGEOUS! Love these pictures and I adore how you are including Florence! What a splendid idea!Give those kids hugs from across the pond!

  5. you have stunning kids :~)

    love the bunny xx

  6. I struggle to get good pictures of my kids and I only have 2 to contend with!

    Having Florence's bunny in the picture is a lovely idea (((hugs)))

  7. They are so lovely and cute and full of life and I love Florence's bunny.

  8. Gorgeous! I love all the random photos as well, and the fact that Florence is there - in amongst the noise and chaos of your little clan. Happy New Year to you all! xxxh

  9. You have a gorgeous family. These are some great shots :)

  10. I think the last one is the best, captures their personalities :-)

  11. You are so very clever. What beautiful children you made, all six of them.

  12. Gee your kids are gorgeous. I mean, really, really gorgeous.
    I'd planned on doing family shots to blow up and frame once Joseph was born (cause then we were done), but, then he died and I've not wanted to. But, I have to say that I just love that Ernest is holding that little bunny, that Florence is there, represented somehow. I have a blue teddy, 'Joseph teddy' Eden named him. If we get around to some family shots, Joseph teddy will be there. That makes me feel a bit better about it. xxx

  13. Oh I love them all. Florence's bunny is a brilliant idea - she clearly has her own little personality too.

    I think I have about 2 photos of my mere 2 kids that aren't blurred...


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