OOOOh Treasure!

9:58 am

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Ernest had his little buddy over to play yesterday, and they both had fun exploring the treasure basket I put together last week!

Really, Ernest is a little old for the treasure basket, his younger friend really enjoyed it though.

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  1. They look so sweet. I've just made a couple of these for Reuben and it is fascinating watching him explore all the stuff inside. Can keep him occupied for quite some time!

  2. A couple of treasure baskets obviously! Not little buddies, lovely as that would be!

  3. He is just so big, they both will be two this year, can't quite get over it. Glad he has a little friend to play with, I wish there were more babies Vivi's age around, or that we could visit you for tea! How wonderful that would be. Sigh. Love to you all!! <3


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