Another Year

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This year promises change.
Woody starts a new job on Tuesday which will hopefully mean he'll be happier than he has been for some time in his old job.
My lovely friends and I are moving our community babywearing library, Slinging In The Rain to a lovely new Venue, and running it weekly alongside our new Venture, The Sling School.
I will be starting work as a childminder looking after one little boy who I already love like he is my own.
I will be working towards and hopefully qualifying at something very close to my heart, but which I can't really talk about yet.
And I'm also head full of ideas for my little Flossie's Garden.....We are getting those extra hours in the day this year I hope?
India will be finishing her GCSE's this Summer, and has great plans for her prom dress, which I will be making if she doesn't drive me potty before then. Heather was a much easier customer for her wedding dress.

I think last night was the first New Years Eve I've stayed awake until Midnight in several years.
We went to the cemetery at dusk , taking roses and another ice lantern for Florence.

We tidied up the christmas tree and decorations

We shared our usual Saturday night pizza, and settled down to watch a movie with the children. I admit, I did fall asleep during the movie...Horrid Henry not recommended if you are over maybe 8 years old! (I only really watched to catch a glimpse of Noel Fielding, but even he didn't spark my interest much, he was looking like a rather portly child catcher, very dissapointing!)

Sid and Ernest were both snoring by 10pm, but Angus and the big girls stayed up until midnight.

The sky was full of fireworks and lots of sky lanterns. I can't help seeing sky lanterns (or balloons) as representing someone loved and lost, so seeing all those lanterns floating across the sky was quite lovely , but also poignant.

Today, I will be taking down the last of the Christmas decorations, wrapping carefully in tissue all the beautiful ornaments we have collected for Florence over the past three years.

We are so blessed to have friends who remember Florence with us all year round, and then others near and far who send decorations. Thank you, you know who you are. x

And from us this year:

Wishing all who read here a peaceful and beautiful 2012.

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  1. Hope Woody's new job works out well. Sounds like you have some really good stuff in your life right now... it won't ever be the same without Florence but at least you have sparkles of joy... you only have to take one look at Ernest, he's such a sweetie!

    I hope that your forthcoming plans/projects continue to bless you and raise your spirits.

    With love for the forthcoming year ahead.

    san xx

  2. What a lovely post Jeanette, you sound full of hope for the coming year, and its all we can really ask for isn't it. I am looking forward to keeping up with you.
    Much Affection

  3. beautiful post and I wish you and your family the very best for the coming year. I hope your plans come to fruition and you can all be as happy and well as you can be. Thinking of Florence as always xxx

  4. It sounds like a beautiful evening.. peaceful at home with the littles snuggled in.
    In our hearts one will always feel so missed, so loved, so longed for. May your memories of Florence always fill those places with love and light.

  5. AND PS- wishing Woody the best Tuesday.. and to you on your upcoming ventures...


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