A day at the beach

7:12 am

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It has become something of a family tradition to take a picnic to the beach on my birthday.
Yesterday we decided to explore the beach in Crosby, and Anthony Gormley's Another Place.

Angus was playing on the beach for close to an hour before he spotted the statues, and then said to me in almost a whisper, "Mummy, I think there are statues on the beach"
Clearly he was't listening when we decided on Crosby for this years picnic!

Next to the beach were these lovely rows of terraced houses looking out across sweet little parks and then out to sea.
I was enchanted by them, all painted in pretty pastels and looking perfect against the blue skies and billowing white clouds.

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  1. oh oh oh LOVE those pretty houses !!

  2. Never having visited this place or seen the statues

    I thought that was your husband

    Standing at the top of the line.

    And I found him very brave. :)

    Good laugh,

    Cathy in Missouri

  3. England is so pretty. I hope to visit again some day. (And I'm so looking you up if I do!)

  4. Sally, I'd be furious if you didn't!

  5. Oh, late birthday love headed your way, and for your geowing girl too. Crosby is one one of our most favourite places in the whole world, the children would go all day evey day if they could. As it is we visit at least once a week through summer, nd as often as possible through the colder days. Those houses are so beautiful aren't they? And such a contrast to just a few steps further down that road.The statues are fantastic, were you there long enough to see them rising from the tide? Magical.


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