Water Play

7:48 pm

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Ernest loves water play. Usually I park him in front of the kitchen sink filled with bubbly water and lots of unbreakables..oh yes and lots of old muslins to mop up the sploshes!
Yesterday though he insisted on pouring his water into any available recepticle...and elsewhere!
So, I sat him at the table with some plastic party cups, on that pile of old muslins, and he had a great time pouring and tipping.
I love the simple things he gets so much pleasure from.

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  1. Waterplay is AMAZING. And a lifesaver if you need a distraction while you cook. That is,of course, if the dishes are done and the sink is clear :) ;-).

  2. I love the intense look of concentration on his face!

  3. SUCH a cutie. Water play is so good for little kiddies, my daughter could play with pouring, mixing, funneling, etc. all afternoon.


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