Full Buckle Wrap Conversion

3:40 pm

Full Buckle Wrap Conversion, originally uploaded by indiaeden.
I really needed to sew today, and so decided to get on with adapting this wrap conversion Mei Tai, into a full buckle conversion.
Regular readers will remember me making the Mei Tai a few weeks ago.
I was fairly happy with the Mei Tai, but wasn't really reaching for it.
Ernest is something of an escapologist these days, and can escape most carriers if he really doesn't want to be up, and I have begun to realise that a full buckle carrier might be the only way to keep him up when I really need to.
I could just buy one, and am lusting after a Wompat, but money is tight and I have almost everything here to make my own, so it seemed daft not to try.
I bought some buckles and webbing. (The only things I didn't have to hand), and started to plan.
I have a lovely scrap of Aqua Waves that combined with corduroy straps would make a gorgeous carrier, I also have a wrap I don't use often that I could convert.
Before I went cutting into those though, I thought I'd have a play at converting the Ellaroo Mei Tai into a full buckle.
That way I could figure out what would and wouldn't work.
I finished sewing this afternoon, and eager to try it out with Ernest, I popped him straight in.....but it was dissapointing!
full buckle first try

I love the angle of the straps, but the straps are too long, and I can't adjust them tight enough
The top of the carrier needs to be wider. (this was a issue with the Mei Tai conversion initially)
The seat darts need to be deeper, and possibly I should curve out the bottom edge of the body to better support from knee to knee.

waist detail

My attempt at a wrap strap waist belt, were not successful.

Most dissapointing of all though is the waist padding, it's just not sturdy enough. I was tempted to try something more sturdy, like foam, but I hoped a tripling up of my usual fleece padding with lots of top stitching might be sturdy enough....it isn't!

Despite all this, I'm staying optimistic, I've learned a lot, I can draft a new pattern from this prototype, and put everything I learned making this into practice with my next attempt.
I may not be able to use this carrier, but I did enjoy sewing it up.
Using hardware like buckles and webbing doesn't come naturally to me, I'm a much more tactile seamstress, I like softness and drapery, not working with big clicky bits of plastic.
So now, off to order more big clicky bits of plastic and start planning my next full buckle conversion....

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  1. You're so clever :) It's looks great.
    I've been looking at full buckle carriers too (patapum toddler) but can't justify the cost :( C likes to walk a lot now, and I thought something like a patapum would be good for when he gets fed up so I don't have to take the buggy just in case. Will be watching for more news with interest!

  2. I still love the fabric!!

  3. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Where did you buy your buckles? I love this idea!

  4. I made a tula-style soft structured carrier, and for the waist belt I used those square EVA foam floor pads that click together: http://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/black-and-taupe-connect-a-mat-4-pack/6000137479587 If you make a 3-piece waist belt, you'll be able to cut your pieces out of the tiles. It worked very well, VERY supportive and takes his weight well. Hope this helps!


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