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Spring has well and truly sprunged, and we are properly into April with April showers...and the odd snow storm!
Life around here has been even busier than usual, I've been rushed off my feet with work for The Sling School and preparing for my other new job as childminder.
So, I've little to offer right now, just some photos from the past week.

A little monkey who clearly thinks my doodles need a touch more detail.

A large bunch of Winston Churchill Daffodils bought in memory of Merry's little boy Freddie.

The cherry blossom in my front garden.

Minor chicken dramas including an escaped dog and one poorly chicken now on the mend.

Chocolate eggs in the nesting box!
Clever chooks laid chocolate eggs today!

A local walk
Agatha Christie wrote one of her novels here.

And finally forget me nots

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  1. There is something so very comforting and soothing about your pictures and words.

    Maybe it is the beautiful simplicity?

    I like simple. The less "messed with," the better.

    It is peaceful here, because you make it so.

    (And yes, I know that families with children are not always peaceful and quiet...but I can still feel the peace all around. :)

    with love,

    Cathy in Missouri

  2. I love those dimples! Great pictures! Happy Easter

  3. Beautiful pictures. I just get such a sense of your family and the place you live, which is quite different to the place I live. Happy Easter to all you beautiful people. xo

  4. Your pictures are so gorgeous!


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