family fingerprint tree

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family fingerprint tree, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Seems to be the weekend for pushing myself out of my comfort zone.
Yesterday, the children and I made a family fingerprint tree Fathers Day card for Woody.
I have seen these in various posts on blogs and of course on Pinterest, and liked the idea, but holding me back was of course, not all of the children's fingerprints could be on there, finally though I just thought "urghhh", and did it anyway....

Fathers Day Card

Woody likes it. x

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  1. Love it! I'm sure Woody does too. Florence's finger prints may not be there, but her love is with you all always xxx

  2. Lovely idea, so cute. Florence's fingerprints may have been different from all the others but between them all there will be bits she shared with each of them in there.

  3. Lovely. I wish all the fingerprints were there. This made me so sad.

  4. That's beautiful. I think I'll do the same sort of thing here. I've seen things like this, footprints set in concrete etc and thought the same thing, 'but it's not complete without Joseph's'. It's part of moving forward I guess. Well done for pushing yourself. I wish her fingerprints were there too, Jeanette. x

  5. How sweet! Although would be so much better if there were a few more fingerprints, yes. xx

  6. She's there. In the roots, in the trunk, binding you all together, part of you all. Solid and true forever xx

  7. Yes. I've seen them on Pinterest and thought the same about the missing little fingers. But, I'm glad you did it, it's lovely. And I love Naomi's point - that Florence is there in the roots and the trunk. I truly believe she is.

  8. it's lovely

    and yes she's there, in the wind in the leaves or in the roots or in the spaces inbetween - she'll always be there at the heart of your family (((hugs)))

  9. Lovely. We had a stamp made of Cullen's footprints that I use whenever I need him represented. Some people even have them made actual size. They are very inexpensive ($8).. just an idea for you- it's not a fingerprint, but something...

  10. What a beautiful idea this is! I will be sure to do something like this next weekend with the family! I have been looking for a skin tightening treatment and was distracted by your blog :) Good job! LOL


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