A Summer Ring Sling

8:23 am

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A very lovely friend is expecting her third child this month and I offered to make her a ring sling.
I adore ring slings, especially for newborns, they are so simple and pretty.
I had a hard time choosing fabric for this sling, it's always tricky to second guess someone elses taste.
I layed out several fabric choices across my bedroom floor and Woody helped me decide.
Eventually, we went with my first choice, this beautifully soft and delicate woven wool from Spindle & Weave which I bought a few months ago from the antique textile fair in Manchester.

stitch detail

I really like the way it's so similar to a traditional baby shawl, and can easily imagine my friend's lovely squishy newborn snuggling in to it.
I, meanwhile had to make do with one of The Sling School's babywearing demo dolls.

Summer ring sling for a friend .

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  1. beautiful.....I'm getting ever closer to borrowing a demo doll so I can show off some pretty slings!

  2. It is absolutely beautiful Jeanette, thank you so so much. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous, and looks lovely next to my purple dress. I love the stitching you've done too. I got all teary when I opened it up, I have put your lovely card with all my other bits and bobs from friends in my birthing space. It is a perfect gift and I am really touched, can definitely feel your love in it. lots of love to you XXX

  3. This is lovely! I wonder if I could find a beautiful rainbow woven and make one myself for my little rainbow baby. Maybe once he makes it home I will look! Thank you for the inspiration <3 Nikki

  4. Nikki, you can definately make one, best instructions online are here http://www.sleepingbaby.net/jan/Baby/

  5. Thank you so much! I will check that site out. I am still newer to sewing, so I love to come read your blog. You make such beautiful things!

  6. That is just beautiful. Really, what a lucky friend your's must be.

  7. I wish I was your friend (in real life) and that I was having another baby to put in this beautiful sling!


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