A skirt, to make up for the dress in my last post.

3:17 pm

wrap skirt, originally uploaded by indiaeden.
I bought this fabric several months ago from a vintage fair. It was a pair of curtains, but I adore the print and knew it'd make a lovely skirt.
I used the skirt pieces from the same Colette pattern as my disastrous dress, so this wraps at the back.
back view

I'm really quite pleased with it for a quick make...and no I wouldn't normally wear it with blue tights and red shoes, I was just trying it on when India snapped these photos.
This little skirt makes up for my rubbish start to the day.
Ernest climbed over me at 5.30am grabbed an empty feeding bottle from my bedside table and then hurled it at my head!
I use glass feeding bottles, which believe me are bloomin heavy.
I screamed, and swore, and then locked myself in the bathroom for a good cry.
My head has been aching all day, and my eye is swollen and rather blue, though not quite a full black eye.
Here's a photo for you all, please ignore my shabby eyebrows, I wont be plucking them any time soon, at least not till the swelling goes down.
My black eye (and shabby eyebrows!)

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  1. Ouch!! That looks sore...don't blame you having a good old cry.
    I love the skirt & fabric, really, really gorgeous...

  2. ouch I don't blame you for crying. I hope it isnt too bad tomorrow. I love the tights and shoes combination!

  3. Love love love the skirt!

    The eye looks terribly sore - but if there's a plus to be found....at least it matches the awesome tights/shoes!!!!

    Hope it's better soon

  4. The skirt is lovely. (and I'm sure the dress will be too once you find the desire to spend all that time picking apart the seams.
    I hope your eye only gets better and doesn't get blacker first.

  5. You have done a outstanding job! I am really motivated with your perform.
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  6. Ouch! What a way to start the day.

    Love the skirt, you are so talented!

  7. Owwww! The eye! :((

    I love seeing the creative things you do - every one of them. You are much better than any magazine I've seen. They would not show those shoes/tights with that skirt, and I actually think it looks really fun.

    Your creativity is all-around-beautiful.

    Hope your eye feels better soon!

    xo Cathy in Missouri

  8. OUCH! Oh my.. but the skirt looks beautiful!
    Hope your eye feels better soon!

  9. Ouch! But a beautiful skirt.


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