Prom Dress (a work in progress)

4:53 pm

Whatever I think about an American tradition becoming popular over here, (And honestly I'm not sure what I do think about that.) the fact remains that India, like most other 16 year old's will be having a prom this summer, and really it's a jolly good excuse to get dressed up in something pretty.
India and I have been planning her prom dress for quite a while, we've both been pinning ideas for months on pinterest.
India wanted something witha vintage edge to it.
I hadn't wanted to draft a pattern for her, so we decided on a simple pattern that could be easily altered. We chose McCalls M6466
I have ended up changing almost everything, and may well have been better drafting our own pattern after all.
The fit was totally off, and India didn't like the waistband, so I re drafted the bodice completely.
This was our first fitting:


And our second fitting:



Since these photos were taken, I have attached the skirts (they are simply tacked in place here.), and I have hand finished the neck and sleeve edges of the lace.
Next step is to add the zip.
We decided we didn't want to line the skirt, and so I have a lightweight open ended zip meant for eveningwear that I'm going to use in the bodice, and we also have a huge blue petticoat arriving to give the skirts a bit more ooomph!
I could've made a petticoat, but honestly considering the hassle, and the cost of tulle, it made sense to simply buy one.

So, that's it for now, more to come. I've wanted to post these photos for a couple of days, but India wouldn't allow me until now.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is simply stunning!!!! Beautiful dress and beautiful girl!

  2. It is looking amazing already, it is going to be awesome when it's finished!

  3. Oh Jeanette, that is amazing. I remember my high school dance dress (a skimpy size 8 sigh), its one of those days in a girls life eh. I cant wait to see it with the petticoats.

  4. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Beautiful dress and unique to India. There won't be two the same! :-) You're a very clever lady!

  5. Wow!! STUNNING!!

  6. What a lovely dress for a happy event - she looks fab :)

  7. That is amazingly beautiful and just so lovely to see a 16 year old wearing something so classy. I have a very special wedding to attend in October, do you think I could post you my measurements and you could whip one up for me???!?!!?

  8. Looks great, the gold and light blue are beautiful on her! You clever clogs!!

    Bundana x

  9. India!

    You are such a lovely, lovely girl - and this dress could not suit you any better!

    (You also happen to have a very cool name.)

    Oh, I love seeing this unfold...

    Cathy in Missouri

  10. Gorgeous! Hope she has an "awesome" time!

  11. WOW! Looooooove! Beautiful, daughter and dress alike ;)

  12. Oh wow that is gorgeous!!!!

  13. Oh wow that is gorgeous!!!!

  14. Oh wow that is gorgeous!!!!

  15. Just....... Wow.

  16. Dear Jeanette
    What a beautiful dress and a beautiful daughter. Thank you so much for dropping by on my blog - feeling awful that I had made anyone feel awful about daft photos. I found you blogs moving and poignant and life events that I can identify with. I realise that in the scheme of things where photos end up does not really matter. As my old nurse tutor used to say (and something that I now say to my children: 'In cosmic terms it does not really matter....'. Some things of course do matter and I need to be more selective...
    Best wishes
    PS Life is strange - I had to empty a cupboard out today and found an old photo of Bronte in the sling that I used endlessly when the children were young. A small world. That sling has been passed on so many times - it has helped carry countless children!

  17. Seriously beautiful.. the dress as well!!!!

  18. Amazing. Your daughter is gorgeous and the dress is, too.


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