fifty two weeks of happy week four

4:01 pm

Ernest pulling the sledge, originally uploaded by indiaeden.
I need this today, so here goes.
On Monday Ernest and I decided to make the most of the snow and spent the morning in the local park. The snow was all but gone by tea time, so it was a good decision.
I even went sledging for the first time in my almost 44 years! It was only a little hill, a bump really, but it was fun. Can't think why I've never done it before!
hallam terrace
This photo shows the end of a little row of terraced cottages that I pass every day. they are so pretty. Overshadowed by a huge old mill, but pretty and one of these days I'm going to draw them!
Yesterday I spent a lovely day in Manchester with my friend Mary. We got to finally visit The First Cut exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery.
A great exhibit, though I think I preferred the exhibits over in the costume gallery that I saw a few weeks ago.
Mary and I also fitted in a trip to Purl City where I treated myself to some lovely alpaca yarn and some new needles.
We squeezed in Abakhan, Fred Aldous and lunch in The Craft Centre too...of course!
Illustration by Maja Lindberg
I found this little card in Fred Aldous.

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  1. Sledging is so much fun! I found it made me laugh out loud involuntarily and that's got to be a good thing. I always do the rounds of all those shops when in the Northern Quarter - it's just got to be done! x

  2. I do a double take every time I read the word "sledging". It's sledding (or tobaganning) here. Glad you finally got to try sledging and that you caught the paper exhibition before it closed.


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