fifty two weeks of happy

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I'm stealing this idea from the lovely Victoria, at Yarn Round Hook.
I usually gently roll my eyes at ideas like these, only gently and with a kind of envy of the simplicity of the idea.
I don't really think of myself as a pessimist, but I am cynical, more so since Florence was born, and more afraid of what the universe might have in store for us next.
I think this might be good for me though. I do recognise the happy in my life, but maybe recognising it publicly will do some good...can you tell I'm still fairly cynical?
Here goes anyway, four photos that illustrate the happy in week one of 2013.
Firstly a middle of the day bath time. Something that might usually be inconvenient and knock out my busy schedule, but when Ernest needed a middle of the day bath after an exploding nappy incident the other day, I decided to simply embrace it.
He took his new tea set into the bath and played happily pouring bubbly tea until the water went cold and I had to persuade him out.
At the top of the mountain
The second photo wasn't taken by me, it's one of the photo updates I received this week of Hester's visit to Les Gets in France.
I'm so thrilled that a rag doll that broke my heart because I couldn't give it to Florence has been embraced by so many and is also managing to raise money for SANDs. We've already raised £355 and she's only been to 4 countries so far. She's home again now from France, but is off to Aberdeen tomorrow.
Costume Gallery Platt Fields Manchester
Thirdly is a photo of the staircase at Platt Hall, home of the Manchester Art Gallery's costume collection.
I had such a fun day out yesterday, and this gallery that I've been wanting to visit for so long, was inspiring and uplifting, reminding me how much I need to make time for days like yesterday.
Finally a photo of some therapy knitting. I like to have a piece of knitting I can pick up anytime and just knit without thinking or knit in the dark.
I'm not a great knitter, but I find I do need to keep my hands busy, it stops some of the crazy, so having something I can pick up anytime is good.
This is simply a circular needle with as many stitches as I could be bothered to fit on, and knit, swapping colours every five rows. It will be a cowl eventually, but that's not as important as the process.

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  1. Posting pictures with you in October seemed to work out fairly well, so I'm going to give it a try too. Who doesn't need some extra happy?

  2. I don't think I'd have joined in before now either, but I am hoping being forced to see the happy will somehow make me happier. It might be a long shot, but it's worth trying. x


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