fifty two weeks of happy week two

4:14 pm

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This isn't as easy as it might seem. I've had a good, busy week. Only four more to go till half term!
First pic is of my new bracelet. Sometimes, in my more melancholic moments I type "Florence" into the search box on Etsy, and that's how I found this bracelet. It's child sized, but luckily I have small wrists.
Second photo is Ernest caught on camera in a quiet moment. Quiet moments are usually something to be very suspicious of, but this time I found him simply engrossed in play.
He's changing so much now, and so quickly too, growing into a little boy with a big imagination.
Some days he's a dragon, or a cat, or a rabbit. Sometimes there are dinosaurs at the front door, or dragons sat on the kitchen table.
"I dragon"
Third pic is kinda cheating, but it's taken with our new camera,(as are all the photos in this post) and that's something to be happy about....or it will be when I get a chance to get to know it properly.
Eden's Birthday
Finally, Eden turned 14 on Wednesday, and we had Birthday trifle, you can't be sad when there is trifle to be eaten!

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  1. Love the pictures! I am trying to do the 52 weeks too and I really miss having a "proper" camera!

  2. I love trifle! Well, when you get cake, jam, custard and cream all in the one pudding it can't fail to be good, can it really?! Your bracelet is beautiful. x

  3. I love seeing you happy, and them, what lovelies they all are. Sometimes I type Henry August into google, just because, I don't know, I guess I can't stop myself even if it is painful and silly all at the same time. Love the bracelet with her name. Thinking of you, and jealous of your snow, so glad you went sledding, you must must must do it again. love, M


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