fifty two weeks of happy week eight

6:35 pm

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This week it's been just Ernest and me. The big ones all went back to school on Monday, but my mindee's Mummy was on half term this week, so I had a week off from child minding.
I determined to make the most of time with my littlest guy, and we had a great week.
There was some beautiful bright almost spring like weather at the beginning of the week, and I managed to capture some afternoon sun on this little rose plant.
I love light, and especially glowing bright sunlight, I like to imagine Florence is there in that light, and she is.


I love to see my children playing together. Here Ernest is helping India prepare lunch.

lunch date

On Friday Ernest and I took the train into Manchester to meet Woody for lunch. Ernest finally agreed to go in a sling, something he usually refuses vehemently.
I loved having him up there on my hip, chattering away. he loved Manchester and was describing everything he could see so excitedly.
We met Woody in the Craft Centre, where I managed to (quite easily) persuade him to buy me this beautiful tile.


I've been admiring these for so long, but could never decide which I liked best, and felt too self indulgent to buy one, but having seen that Victoria had bought one last week, I decided I needed to just pick one...and now I'd like another!

And one final pic, my new hair! India calls it my evil mermaid hair. I just fancied a change and did this today.

dried and straightened.

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  1. OOOOh LOVE your hair, I had mine pink in the front for a while but I'm back to black (as per usual lol). Your is a lovely colour :)

  2. Ooooo, love that tile! I think those patterned ones are quite new. Lovely hair too. x


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