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Vintage is a word that is rather overused of late, but I'm sure like most things that will change again. Maybe I just resent the word being applied to items of clothing I remember wearing..surely 1990's isn't vintage?
Anyway, one of the charity shops I like to visit has an upstairs devoted to vintage and to bridal.
I don't usually bother looking up there because I usually have Ernest in tow, and I try not to linger or negotiate tricky stairs when shopping with him, even if I can persuade him into a sling (rare these days!), he's still a reluctant shopper.
This week though I was shopping with my big girls and we had a good old rummage through the vintage section.
I simply could not leave these beautiful baby clothes behind.
This tiny woollen coat I'm guessing from the design, construction and the label dates from early -mid 1970's
The lining is in need of replacement, and there is one tiny moth almost hole, but otherwise it's in lovely condition.
It's very like a coat I made for Sid when he was small, and like a design I've been working on for some time for Flossie's Garden.


I'll probably keep hold of this for a while, research don't ya know!


I also came away with these two baby nightgowns. These are handmade, not particularly well, but so very sweet and obviously with love. They are flannel, perhaps made from an old sheet?


I love the tiny hand stitched detailing on the yoke, and the simple construction.

vintage nightgown detail

I can definitely see me raiding my stash of flannels to make something very similar.

Sadly both nightgowns were rather grubby, I've given them a good hand wash and hung them in the winter sun in the hope of brightening them both up.

After a good wash

I can't help wondering who wore these, maybe someone stitched them while heavily pregnant, and saved them after their babies had grown? I'll never know.

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  1. Oh flannel baby gowns, you can just about hug them on their own, even before you put the baby in them :)

  2. I always think of vintage as maybe in my earliest memories, the stuff that was handed down to us perhaps. So seeing as I was born only just into the 70s (71) I always think it means seventies or before. Definitely not the stuff I spent my money on new lol. Love the flannel eighties, would put them on my little for certain, she only ever wears eighties for bed, never gro's.



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