fifty two weeks of happy week five

2:42 pm

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A few days late I know. I've been busy and poorly, still full of a nasty cold and now my three boys seem to be in various stages of the same illness too.
On Sunday I gave our upstairs bathroom a fresh coat of paint, it was long overdue, and despite hating painting almost as much as I hate making curtains, I am glad to have a freshly painted bathroom, with new fluffy towels too.
I've also been catching up with a bit of work on my sketchbooks too.
And treated myself to a little pot of pink roses.
I also finally made a decision to update our lounge, so that project is for this coming weekend, hopefully all the germs will be gone by then.

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  1. We have the same Schiele print :)
    That bathroom paint is evil isn't it? The worst was a bright red in our downstairs loo - 6 coats and it still looks streaky!


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