fifty two weeks of happy week six

2:31 pm

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I love crafting with the children. I like to observe their very different approaches to the same project, and I adore the way children become so absorbed by the materials.
I do lots of craft activities with Ernest and with my mindee, often themed around festivals. I always keep things very simple with toddlers, and there is nothing simpler than this Valentine bunting.
The cardboard bunting and the sticky foam hearts all came from the bargain bin at the craft store.
This simple activity kept both boys very busy for almost a hour, my mindee enjoyed taking the stickers off the bunting as much as he enjoyed sticking them on in the first place!
Luckily I rescued enough pieces to string together this collaborative piece.



There has been a lot of illness in this house this week, Sid was off school for most of the week, but by Friday was at least well enough to join in with some Chinese New Year crafting.
We painted egg boxes, and will string them together this week to make snakes.


Look at the lovely patterns left in the sink after we washed the paint trays.


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  1. I love how you see art and positive in some many things. The "art" in the sink was adorable.


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