A dress for India

3:48 pm

India's pinny 2, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

India loves fashion, unfortunately her allowance rarely stretches far enough to buy all the clothes she'd like.
On one of our recent shopping trips, she showed me several dungaree dresses she liked in various high street stores, ranging in price from £30-£50 or thereabouts. I knew I could whip her up something similar from stash, therefore costing her nothing, so she told me what she wanted. I drew a few quick sketches and together we came up with this design.

India wanted a full skater skirt, with bib that could be worn up or down and straps.


The circle skirt was a challenge with this fabric, a very stretchy needlecord. I will not ever again attempt a circle skirt with so much stretch in every direction. The waist stretched out so badly I had to make considerable adjustments leaving the skirt still full and flirty, but no longer a true circle.
Ideally I'd have used different fabric, but this was sewing from stash.

India's pinny 5

The skirt facings,bib lining and pocket lining/trim are all a print cotton, also from stash, and I think originally a gift from my friend Caroline.

India's pinny 8

The only items purchased for the dress are the buttons, which cost 69p. I had the dungaree clips already, though to be honest they are a little on the small side, and I might swap them out with some larger ones. Although India is happy enough with them.

India's pinny 4

On the whole, a fun project that will hopefully satisfy India's current fashion fix. I'll get some modelled shots probably tomorrow.

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  1. WOW!! I'm just catching up with you, it's crazy here at this end!! Totally love India's new dress she is very lucky to have such talented mummy! Your dip dye dress is just stunning and looks stunning on you and as for the printing day, well words elude me! Gushing well and truly over!!

    Here's wishing for you another fun filled creative week.

    San xxx

  2. Have immediately repinned this one for Imogen...

    1. Im will probably see it popping up on India's blog this week too. i'm certain India will style it very differently to my photos.


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