fifty two weeks of happy week twenty three

8:29 pm

proud of his latest lego, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Sid with his latest bit of lego, all saved up for himself.

A note found in the morning

A note found on the sofa in the morning.

Fathers Day Pressie

An early Father's Day present. 1920's mixing bowl found at the Vintage Village in Stockport.

Eden's upcycle

Eden in her latest upcycled outfit. She's got quite a flair for sewing. She'll ask me occasional questions, but otherwise gets on with it herself.

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  1. I love the note, so funny.

    Eden's sewing skills are awesome. I'm pretty sure she has surpassed me already, thanks to your teaching. My D wants to sew every time she sees me sewing so I have to find project appropriate for an almost 6 year old to work on.

  2. Eden is a girl after my own heart, I love to wrestle something into submission and hardly ever read the directions! She looks lovey :)


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