fifty two weeks of happy week twenty four

5:52 am

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It can take up to an hour to walk home from school sometimes. More often than not I have to negotiate walking time with Ernest so we are not late for my mindee.
When he walks though, he finds such delight in the tiniest of things, like this little flower blown from a shrub in my neighbour's garden.


A parcel of beautiful fabrics never fails to give me a lift. The fabric on the left will be a dress and the fabric on the right a blouse...probably...


Finally trying to master my camera with Capturing Childhood and the two lovely Kat's . (more on this later)

new razor

My second vintage razor. This one is fab, 1962 Gillette, never used.I love the little atomic design details.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your photography course.


  2. Hi there my dear, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment, I do drop into your every now and again and I'm loving the 52 weeks of happy posts! Glad to see Ernest growing and the family all look so lovely, you lucky lady. You are still in my thoughts xx

    1. Thanks Sue, lovely to hear from you. x


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