fifty two weeks of happy week twenty five

5:33 pm

dove, originally uploaded by indiaeden.
Last week I replaced the candles we have lit each night for the past almost four years with this lovely lamp. The time felt right to replace the candles, and I do love this lamp, it casts a gorgeous glow all around our bedroom.


You can't fail to be happy while making a dinosaur swamp. I used bubble bath, gloop,cloud dough,ice cubes and cooked spaghetti, the toddlers loved it! (I didn't particularly enjoy cleaning up later though.)


Still working on the Capturing Childhood, manual overdrive course, it's challenging, but I'm learning so much.

Finally, Hester is off to Japan today. There was a moment or two when I thought she was lost between Australia and the USA, but she finally showed up in Oregon, spend some time with the lovely Angela and by now is winging her way to Japan.

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