A quickie alteration

6:31 pm

On Saturday India and I spent the day in Nottingham. We went to look around the University, but also had time for a wander around the city. We headed to Hockley as recommended, to do some shopping in the vintage shops.
I wasn't particularly impressed, vintage these days seems to mean 1980's, there were whole racks of high waisted snow washed jeans, and over sized dungarees, and horror of horrors, bumbags!!!
Even India draws the line at bumbags! (Yes she does own high waisted snow washed "mom" jeans.)
Despite that though, I did pick up a couple of things with promise, one being this skirt.


This particular shop had a special offer on skirts, £5 each or 3 for £10. Sadly I couldn't find three I wanted to buy, but I liked the cut and pattern of this one. It was rather grubby, so it went straight into the washing machine when we got home for a good hot wash.
Once washed and dried, I pressed it and had a good look at it. It's handmade, and by someone who only had a straight stitch machine because the raw edges of each seam are finished by hand and the buttonholes are also worked by hand. The standard of stitching isn't great,but it's held together for probably 30 years or so, so not too bad either I guess.


handworked buttonhole

Once clean and pressed the skirt looked a whole lot better, but I could tell it was going to be something of a snug fit.

too small

(And yes at this point I am thinking it might not have even been worth £5)

I removed the waistband to increase the waist size, and tried it on to check the fit.

trimming waitband

waistband removed, and pinned in place

Then I finished the waist edge with some bias binding as a facing. I added a buttonhole (machine worked), and the button from the waistband I'd removed.
I had initially thought I'd neaten all the seams, but didn't think this garment was really worth that extra effort, and those hand neatened seams had held up this long, plus any fraying that was going to happen must've happened a long time ago!

new buttonhole


So £5, a good wash and press, and 30 mins slap dash sewing and I have myself a nice little summer skirt.

skirt now fits


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  1. I'm saluting from here ;)

    1. LOL Phyliss, I hope you are suitably attired for today!!

  2. Lovely thrifted shirt/skirt! The prom dress looks lovely on its intended model, well done!


  3. Fantastic skirt! I'd never have come up with alterations like that, if I bought a skirt that didn't fit, it'd end up at the back of the wardrobe and then back at the charity shop a couple of years later.

  4. Looks fabulous and even better for being such a bargain.

  5. That skirt is super sweet! You are very clever Jeanette x


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