Summer Birthdays

10:12 am

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Three of my children were born in July. Yes three summer babies. This time of year is full of memories of waddling to school in the heat, and birthing babies. Bittersweet memories in many cases.

Sid had a schoolday birthday which is always a bit pants really. He wanted to come home and sit quietly playing with his lego, not play with his friends who had come back for birthday tea. Let's just say this is the best photo of his day. Next year my little introvert will be having a very quiet birthday tea and as much lego playing as he wants. (That's a Minecraft cake made by Eden)


Ernest, turned 3 on Tuesday. We went to the Zoo on Sunday, and had rainbow cake on Tuesday.


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  1. Happy Birthday to both your lil men
    Holding you all tight this coming week

  2. Thinking of you all, sending you much, much love and a candle will be lit for your dear sweet Florence on her special day xxxxx

  3. What lovely cakes. My heart goes out to Sid, from another who was always just a little overwhelmed by her own birthday. Can't believe how Ernest has grown, when did all that hair appear! Happy birthday to your two dear boys and your sweet girl. Thinking of you and your family, especially at this time of the year xo

  4. Happy Birthday to your boys (I so know what you mean about parties with an introvert) Your small boy has got so big and so so cute. Lots of love to all of you as you celebrate and remember, bittersweet indeed xxxx


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