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Last month when India and I visited Nottingham, I picked up a cotton overall in Oxfam in Hockley for a few £'s. Can't remember exactly how many £'s, maybe £5 or £6, thereabouts anyway.


I spotted the fabric first of all, and hoped it would be a Horrocks style day dress (I'm optimistic!), or a dress like my lovely pink vintage M&S dress.
I was quite dissapointed when I pulled it out and it was an overall, at least it wasn't nylon, but an overall nonetheless.
I bought it because I loved the fabric and I thought maybe I could wear an overall around the house, or use the fabric at least.
I've had it hung up next to my sewing machine since then, so I could ponder on it. I tried it on, but it really wasn't me, and I didn't want to get it covered in paint and play doh anyway.
I thought maybe I could pop in a few darts, a belt, shorter sleeves and make it into a cute dress/tunic, but nah that wasn't going to work with the yoke placement on my figure.
Yesterday I decided to make it into a skirt.
I chopped it off below the armhole. This gave me a fat tube with button fastening down the front.


I played about with darts at the front and back, but the back darts just wouldn't sit right. Truth be told, I've gained weight, more than I want to admit on my blog, but the past couple of months I've been comfort eating again, and as usual almost all the weight has gone on my tummy. I get really fed up trying to fit skirts on myself when I'm this size, and am really concious with a front button fastening that if I fit too closely, any daily bloating will start to pull the fastenings pretty quickly.
After lots of unpicking I decided to stick with the front darts, but simply have a single box pleat in the back to pull in the extra fabric.
I'm not sure this really works, but it's good to play and see by trying.
Yesterday I needed to sew, and I needed to finish something wearable, even if eventually I don't love it.


I used fabric from the sleeves to make a waistband, and the buttons from the cuffs and yoke to close the large gaps between the original buttons and one on the waistband.


I think, if I'm being kind, I'd call this skirt "quirky". The pocket placement has ended up very low because of where it was on the overall to begin with.

pocket (yes it's very low!)

Today I wore my quirky skirt with a hastily bought lace blouse which I'm not convinced suits me and my more ample than usual because I've gained weight bossom, my lovely blue clogs and a cropped cardy.
Woody, four of the children and me went off to explore a local chapel, not realising today was the Well Dressing Festival.
(There were fields and rain so I had to change into my wellies, which Eden decided was perfect for a festival anyway.)



You can see on this photo, the skirt is riding up because it doesn't fit my waist (slightly too big) and that is making the buttons gape.


Time to head home

I'm hoping this skirt might sit in my wardrobe for a little while, and I'll pull it out again in a few weeks and love it, sometimes that happens.
I still love the fabric, and I think I did an ok upcycle, just not a great one.

* Oh and re the title, I just couldn't stop thinking about Mrs Overall when making this skirt.

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  1. I love it! I love the fabric and the back pleat.
    I hope you grow to love it too!

  2. It is a great fabric and it goes perfectly with those sandals. I hope you decide you like it after all! Vx

  3. Dear Friend,

    You are too self critical! I always love your dress sense and I'm amazed at how you re-purpose the mundane into something fab. I'd love to know where you are supposed to be hiding those few extra pounds because you look pretty good from where I'm sitting!

    Hugs San xx

  4. I love the "new" skirt! Where do the gorgeous clogs come from? They look so pretty and summery together :-)

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