Happy Christmas Jumper

12:13 pm

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Christmas Eve, and I've finished this cardigan for Ernest this morning. I bought this gorgeous Adriafil self patterning yarn back in June, but only got around to starting to knit with it a few weeks ago.
I decided to knit something really simple, and since Ernest refuses to wear jumpers these days I thought I might have more success with a cardigan.

I began following a random pattern online, which I can't find now, but once I'd got past the shoulder shaping I just winged it. The sleeves could probably have done with some shaping, but I think I might get away with it.

The buttons were 50p from Oxfam, and the label is an old one from stash.
I'm pretty happy with the results, you know considering I'm a really average knitter.
Ernest though says it's "rubbish" and refuses point blank to even try it on!

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  1. What a beautiful cardigan! I love self-patterning yarn, I have a little stash of it. My boys are exactly the same as Ernest, they will only wear a fleece & refuse to wear any jumpers or cardigans. I would love to knit jumpers for them, I have so many patterns stored on Ravelry but it seems that that's where they'll be staying...

  2. Love this I am going to try and get some of this yarn!

    San xx

  3. What a shame cause it looks great to us! Love that wool.

  4. So cute! My little guy was the same way for the longest time and wouldn't touch anything I made. He's coming around now though (at 6....) especially if he gets to help pick the fabric. :)


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