Thank you Pinterest

7:23 pm

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I love Pinterest, who doesn't? There are so many reasons I love Pinterest, but one of them is the amount of great ideas I find on there to keep the two toddlers in my life busy.
I spotted this simple idea for tree decorations the other day; triangles of polystyrene, with buttons glued on and a ribbon for hanging.
I have a whole stack of polystyrene sheets that I use for printing, and of course plenty of buttons and ribbon scraps.


Both boys enjoyed this project. Ernest particularly enjoys using glue, his trees took rather a long time to dry!

Inspired by this idea, I cut out two circles for the boys to make snowmen in a similar way. I also cut out two simple top hats which we had fun covering in glitter.


After the snowmen were dry, I added a strip of ribbon to the back with sticky tape, and a small piece of ribbon for a scarf with a blob of glue.


A quick, simple, but effective toddler make, with only a little help from me adding the final touches.
Ernest's is hanging on the tree very happily.


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  1. Super cute!

    I haven't dared get into Pinterest for fear I would spend all my time there and never. Ever. Get anything done...

  2. These are so so sweet. Happy Christmas.


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