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I have a terrible habit of getting to the end of each day cross with myself for "all the things I haven't done". Some days I force myself to list everything I have done to try and snap myself out of the negative thinking. Sometimes it works.
The past few days, as all the 2013 review posts started popping up on various blogs, I again began beating myself up again for all the things I haven't done this past year.
I was feeling pretty glum, and giving myself a hard time.
That's when I decided to go through all my posts from the past year making a mental list of what I had done, and you know, I did do quite a lot, more than I remembered. Of course there is still that nagging voice in my head reminding me of how much more I could've/should've done, but it's a little more muffled, at least for now.

I started 2013 with the intention of sewing more for me. I put my little Flossie's Garden on the back burner , and focused more on the clothes that make me happy. Dresses, of course are top of that list!
I was thrilled to be picked as one of the finalists for the Colette Hawthorne sew a long, and thoroughly enjoyed the Fall For Cotton sew a long.

hawthorn 4


Of course my favourite dress of the year was the Prom dress I made for my lovely young friend Jemma.

prom dress

I made plenty of skirts too, and a couple of pairs of pyjamas, some accessories, a fair bit of upcycling happened, and a couple of bespoke items for India.



I added five new free tutorials to the blog.
Left to right: Wrap Skirt, Scrappy Dove, Boho Kimono, Peg Bag, and Baby Bundle.

tutes 2013

Lastly, and my favourite project of the entire year; I fixed up our garden shed into my lovely little sewing studio. (And I probably should start calling it my studio, instead of my shed.)


I love stitching away down in my shed, radio 4 playing and the chickens clucking outside, even the occasional overweight squirral stomping on the roof is a joy!

So, what are the plans for next year? I'm not entirely sure really. I have three Lady Skater dresses cut out ready to go, and a small pile of patterns and fabrics I didn't manage to get around to in 2013.
I'm mid re grading my Flossie's Pinafore, and variations to sell the patterns as part of a sew it yourself kit, and hope to have those in my Etsy store by February. So keep your eyes peeled for announcements in that department.
I'm also planning an Applique tutorial using my Scrappy Dove template. (Scarppy Dove kits coming to the Etsy store soon too)
All while trying to lose enough weight to fit back into half of the dresses in the photo above, but the least said about that is for the better.....

I think that may be enough to keep me busy for the time being?

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  1. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Sounds like you've done a huge amount! Be kind on yourself, it's better that way :-)
    And best wishes for 2014.

    1. Thank you, best wishes to you too.

  2. I know how you feel about about getting done about things you haven't done, I feel like that a lot!
    I haven't made as much as I wanted too this year and I know I haven't been blogging so I think that will need to change next year!
    I can't wait to see your next Lady Skater dresses! I can see a few more of them in my sewing future too!

    1. Mary, you definately need to start blogging again. :)

  3. Happy new year! You made lots of lovely things this year, and I always love seeing your latest makes. I've got a huge pile of things I haven't yet finished/done, so I'm always feeling guilty about not doing things too! Next year right?

  4. You have done loads! So glad you are finding things to make you happy abd yes it is a studio not a shed and a very pretty one too!

    Hope 2014 continues to be a place of creativity and peace.

    San xx

    1. Not sure I can get out of the habit of calling it my shed. :)

  5. "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." - John Lennon
    You seem to have a full life there Jeanette :)
    Happy 2014

    1. Very full, always thank full for that. x

  6. Family life can feel like a hamster on a wheel, constantly running, it's nice to step off the wheel and see ALL you do alongside keeping a big busy family ticking along.
    Wishing you and all your loved ones much love to take through to 2014

    1. Love to you too Nicky, here is to a productive year for both of us. x


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