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Another dress cut out weeks before I had a chance to sew it up.
I pondered about this pattern for far longer than I should have. I do love a skater dress, they are such a fab shape on most figure types, and I own far too many cheap and cheerful skater dresses from a particular high street store.It just seemed easier to spend £5 on a simple dress. Of course, those dresses vary in quality, depending on the fabric used, are usually a touch too short, and I often have to buy a dress two or even three sizes bigger than my waist size to fit over my boobs, which often means I have shoulders that gape and bag, plus a waist that is too big...not so much of a problem at this time of year if I'm honest, scoffing chocolates like my life depends upon it as I type!
The other reason I put off buying this pattern from Kitchy Koo, is that I kept telling myself I could draft my own, and I could, but honestly time is short, and here is a dress pattern already done, all I had to do was click and buy. My final deciding factor was the promise of no FBA. (full bust adjustment)

I cut out the size 5, with no alterations, and bravely or stupidly cut into this beautiful jersey I bought in Leons about eighteen months ago.
Then the pieces sat sadly on my desk for several weeks, before finally being sewn up yesterday.

I sewed up the dress on my overlocker, except for the hems and the finishing on the neckband. I hemmed the sleeve edge after losing the band piece somewhere between the house and the shed. I also was too lazy to find my twin needle, so simply finished the hems and neck band with a single row of top stitching.
I decided against using clear elastic in the seams. This fabric has great recovery (was really rather expensive.), so thought I'd risk it. (And you have seen the title of my blog!)
I'm really pleased with the results.The fit is almost perfect, partly down to the stretch of the fabric, especially across my bust. I think if I used a fabric with less stretch I might need to go up a size across the upper bust.
The waist sits perfectly on my natural waist, to achieve this I had to half the seam allowance. I have a high waist, but the lack of a FBA means my bust not only stretches the bodice cross ways, but also lifts the waist.
I definitely will be making more of these. I have a few fabrics in my stash in mind. I may just have weaned myself off the cheap and cheerful dresses I usually buy from that certain high street store.

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  1. I love the way you always have the perfect tights and shoes to go with your clothes Jeanette! Fabric is beautiful, really lovely dress x

    1. LOL Sara, the tights are ancient, and the shoes were a charity shop purchase last week. India said the tights and shoes make me look middle aged, which of course I am!

  2. No way do the shoe and tight combo make you look middle aged! India is just jealous!! As am I someone at the school gates remarked on my clothing and said I looked like a social worker!! Whilst said commentator looked absolutely fab in tailored clothing and high heels!! So it is true I am in sure need if a makeover!!

    Hugs to you lovely gal

    San xxx

    1. San, you are beautiful. Merry Christmas to you. x

  3. Saw saw this earlier on Instagram and you have answered my questions. Can I be totally cheeky and ask where you got the fabric? It is just gorgeous.

    1. Hi Grace, the fabric was from Leons , a local independant fabric store.

  4. You look gorgeous, hardly like a mum let alone middle aged! Well done weaning yourself off cheapie dresses.

  5. You look gorgeous, hardly like a mum let alone middle aged! Well done weaning yourself off cheapie dresses.


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