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3:08 pm

sewing storage, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Just thought I'd add this cos I love it! Still fine tuning the design,but when I'm done I'll add a tutorial here.
Outer is gorgeous japanese cotton, a scrap left over from other projects, lined with bright purple needlecord. I used heavy canvas as a stabilising layer.

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  1. Lovely project! Can't wait!

  2. Cute Cute Cute, I love that fabric. I used to have a custom Click Tentoes in that fabric, I loved it!

  3. Yipee...another tutorial! That would be great for storing my sock monkey stuff, as it's all taking over the house atm!! xxxx

  4. That is really really lovely.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous - as always :-) You have to sell this one too! I love that fabric (the green with the bird)what is it? You've just got that knack of getting fabrics perfect.
    I just bought one lol!
    Sun XXX I can't wait for the tutorial.

  6. Thanks guys, still working on the tute. ;0)


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