My oversize shopper/weekend bag

11:46 am

I'll admit I'm not entirely happy with this project. I started to make this bag at the weekend,the idea had been formulating in my mind for a while,but I'm just not sure I like the final product.
The fabric is my design, printed by spoonflower,and although I was and indeed still am very pleased with how this design printed,I can see now how I'd like to make improvements. The scale of the repeat is just too large for a bag,and I think I'd also prefer a colour in the background rather than plain white.
The bag is very large and capacious...I was working on the theory that a large bag would make me look smaller...LOL
I used soft needlecord for the "yoke" and straps,and lined the bag with blue/grey silk dupion.
I think this bag will make a great shopper or weekend bag, especially as the straps are long enough to wear across the body.

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  1. I love the bag! It's gorgeous as it is and the fabric is fab! Although I can understand how you as the designer see it differently and find things you'd like to improve. ;-)

  2. I think it is great!

    Do the straps go all the way round?

    I understand the improvements you want to make. I would love to see the print on a teal/blue colour :-)

  3. Mary you read my mind! I think teal would be perfect! I also need to add some leaf detail I think,and re jig the repeat if only there were a few more hours in the day!


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