Snuggly Scarf

8:34 am

Snuggy scarf, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I started knitting this scarf a few weeks ago.Woody had gone out for the evening so I sat in bed knitting,drinking tea and watching Brief Encounter.
I used yarn I bought a few years ago,it's Jacob Sheep yarn,so it's not been dyed,it's the colour of the wool in it's natural state.
I love the lanoliny smell when I bury my face in it.
I wanted a long and snuggly scarf for the school runs,and I actually finished knitting this a couple of weeks ago,but couldn't decide how to finish the ends. I initially envisioned large pom poms,but finally decided on fringe after wearing the scarf unfinished for the past two weeks.
Last night I added the fringe, so now it's all ready for our weekend away in the woods.

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  1. I love the wool and its colour - something very pleasing about it being entirely natural and undyed. Doesn't it feel scratchy though?
    Enjoy your weekend away!

  2. It does feel scratchy at first. I know from experience that this wool gets softer as you use it. I made Sid a soaker from it a couple of years ago,and it just got softer after each use. The scarf is already softening up nicely just from being handled while knitting.


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