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I haven't managed a single piece of sewing this week ,it's just been one of those weeks where I've not stopped,but have very little to show for how busy I've been.
I do notice the difference in myself if I haven't been doing something creative for a few days, I get all jittery and feel very disconnected.
Today's post will hopefully rectify that , look what arrived this morning!

I love a nice parcel.

I entered a give away on Michelle's blog a little while ago,and I won this gorgeous fabric! Look at the cute little note pad too, it matches my lunch bag!
I think this fat quarter is going to be a little window decoration for my bathroom, the colours are perfect.

Giveaway winnings!

I also got another parcel of fabric, this is mostly destined for Zidees. I have more on the way too, a few more "manly" prints,and some Echino.

Fabric delivery

Also look what my lovely hubby brought me back from The Might Boosh gig he went to last night.

My pressie

Not as good as being able to go myself, (babysitter woes.) but thoughtful anyway, not sure when I'm going to stop feeling jelous though that Noel Fielding touched the back of Woody's head during a performance of Eels.

To carry my shopping

Finally, and yes I will shut up in a minute and do something more productive, how do you organise your recycling? This is my teetering pile of recycling waiting to be sorted into the tubs in our cellar.

There has to be a better solution?

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  1. LOL I use the exact same box!!! From ikea??? Mine is on my kitchen window sill! It gets emptied into bins in the garden then taken to the tip when full. We need blue recycling wheelie bins round here!!

    My blog has gone invite only. If you still want to pop in email me at jen_garratt@hotmail.com and I will send you an invite :)

  2. Yep, good old Ikea! The tower has this morning collapsed all over the kitchen floor,so looks like it's me to sort it out.
    I hope the blue bins get to us soon, they have them already in Bramhall and Cheadle, so we must be next?
    I'll email you re your blog. ;0)

  3. I love the fabric! Lily of the Valley were my nan's favourite flower (she's the one who taught me how to sew)

    Can't wait to see the "manly" prints for the Zidees

  4. Love your giveaway fabric, very cute! And in your other parcel too- I particularly like that one on the left...

    Just thought I would let you know too that you have inspired me to get my own machine so I can experiment with my sewing a bit more than making curtains.


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