I'm a greedy crafter!

7:40 am

Yesterday as I was pondering several projects in my head and wondering when on earth I'll ever get time to start even one of them, it dawned on me that I'm just a glutton! I want to have a go at everything, sewing, felting,knitting,crochet,printmaking,painting,designing....the list goes on!
Sometimes (like yesterday) my head is swimming with ideas, and I swing emotionally from excitement to depression when I realise that there are actually only 24 hours in a day,and most of those hours are taken up with living life.
I have made the decision however to book myself on a printmaking workshop. An artist I know runs them from her studio,and next time I see her (our children go to the same school), I'm going to be brave and ask her about booking one...why brave? Well, I'm very very nervous of working in public. I really love this particular artists work,and I'm not at all confident about my own artistic abilities.
Hopefully booking a workshop might give me the boot up the bum I need to work on my sketchbooks, sadly neglected of late.
Right well, that's my Saturday morning ramble,I'm off to hunt for wool to felt in the local charity shops,once I'm dressed.
Have a good Saturday!

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  1. Jeanette, I feel the frustration with you! I have lists of projects coming out of my ears and I'm forever thinking up new things to make....I wish I had the time. It's so annoying to have to wait a) til the kids are in bed and b) til I've cleared the dining table of cr*p and got my sewing machine and assorted gubbins from the glory hole.....ugh!

    On a positive note I finished my new pod last night, only took me 2 nights to make and I am *really* pleased with it, but a little nervous about showing it to the pod-meistress (you)! Thanks so much for the cord!

    I'm looking forward to making a start on my skirts now ;)

    Hope to see you soon, Sarah x

  2. I know exactly how you feel!

    I am still itching to learn how to crochet, I have abandoned the knitting at the moment but ever since getting my craft box out of the loft I am tempted to go back to some of the other crafts I used to do pre-children.

    I have glass painting, silk painting, cross stitch and jewellery making things all sat there waiting. For now they will have to wait but my ideas notepad is filling up fast!


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