Baby Bonnet

9:08 am

The front, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

After making the Dahlia Baby Layette, I had a few scraps of fabric left, just enough to play with for this baby bonnet that had been swimming about in my head for a few days....dreamed up at 3am while bubs is kicking away at my bladder.
The pattern isn't quite right,but I think it's rather cute anyway. Woody on the otherhand looked most puzzled when he saw it. I suspect he thinks I'm too influenced by the little house books I love so much. I confess baby Carrie was in my mind quite a lot as I was sewing!

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  1. I think it is cute!

    I can't wait to see your LO in all these beautiful things you are making!

  2. You're making me broody! And I think it's very cute, not old-fashioned at all. Babies wear hats in winter, why not a bonnet?


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