Spring Cleaning!

2:28 pm

Spring Cleaning!, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

We've been spring cleaning the garden today...can you do that? Well, anyway we have had a jolly good tidy up out there and planted lots of veggie seeds. Of course there's lots more that needs doing , that's the thing about gardens...
While tidying up I noticed how sad and ugly my old peg bag was looking,so whipped this one up out of some Boden fabric, lined with canvas and one of the kids plastic coat hangers.
I have an urge to go out and buy co ordinating plastic pegs, but that's a bit silly considering I already have about a million pegs isn't it?
Now I just need some pretty fabric to make a new parasol cover for the garden table.....

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  1. pretty! I ended up buying a new set of pegs the other week anyway as mine had mostly perished after being left outside all winter!!


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