Work In Progress

11:16 am

work in progress, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

These will be leggings for the baby, at least I hope they will be. I'm following the Zimmermann pattern to match the cardigan I've already finished.
Not feeling so great today, I think Sid has generously shared the bug he had the other day with me,and I feel sick, sleepy, a bit dizzy. Don't think much is gonna get done around here today.
Sid, (And Angus who had the bug at the weekend) was only ill for one day though,so hopefully I'll feel well tomorrow, I'm going fabric shopping for something very special tomorrow, and I'm very excited!
Oh yes and one more thing! I'm so excited to tell you that my little dahlia booties were featured on the Spoonflower Blog ! How cool is that? I'm so chuffed!

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  1. Cool, well done, they were gorgeous! Hope you recoup over the weekend. xxxx

  2. Hope you are feeling better today!

    Fabric shopping sounds fun - I'm on a self imposed no spend now :-(


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