So I did make a decision...

12:56 pm

....and decided to keep the appliqued silk and corduroy mei tai I made at the weekend. I'm also keeping this baby. Double sided silk podeagi with applique.
This one has been on my to do list since the lovely Big Mama planted the seed of the idea after asking me to make a special podeagi for her new baby a few months ago.
Sadly I didn't get any decent pics of that pod at the time,due to a combination of horrible morning sickness and wanting to get the carrier to Becky as quickly as possible.
While I am keeping this pod and the mei tai for myself,I'm going to be adding one custom slot for each to my store on Sunday evening, when I'll (fingers crossed) also be adding some instock ready to ship pods's been a while. Pregnancy and mechanical problems have been a huge hurdle these past few months,but hopefully I'm back on track least until my belly gets too big to fit in front of the sewing machine anyway.

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  1. Oh no, I want one! AND I'm on a sling diet as we're not wearing as much now LO loves to run everywhere. So beautiful, Jeanette.

  2. It is another stunning one!

  3. wow that is stunning! I'd be scared to wear it though it's too gorgeous.

  4. Wow Jeanette, I'm not surprised you can't stop looking at it! How wonderful to be able to create *such* beautiful things, you clever lady ;)


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