Icing and a cherry?

1:05 pm

Icing and a cherry?, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Today my two middlies had to dress up for world Book Day...which was actually last week, but hey ho!
To be honest neither they or I were very excited about it. Their school has a very restrictive list of books the children are "allowed" to dress up as,and it's been the same list for a looong time too.
Eden is a cake from Alice In Wonderland...that hat is meant to look like icing and a cherry...

WBD Alice In Wonderland

Angus is Jack from Jack and the beanstalk, I did consider, then quickly re consider an axe.....

world book day Jack and the beanstalk

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  1. No book day for us yet - but we have wear something green on Friday and do you know they don't really have anything green in their cupboards .... sigh ... Well done on your ideas !


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