Catching Up

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We've been in Scotland for the past five days. We stayed in a cabin on the shores of Loch Lubnaig.
We almost had to cancel our trip after Woody, the boys and myself all came down with a violent stomach bug on Saturday night. We were fit to travel by Monday morning though, and with fingers crossed that the girls had escaped the bug we headed off.
I had a few little wobbles about being so far away from home, and more specifically away from my local hospital, my consultant and my midwife, and a bigger wobble when on Tuesday morning I blacked out for a second in the car. I'm certain it was only the remains of the bug plus a little low blood pressure. It didn't happen again.
Despite my wobbles and slight worries, it was good to get away. Of course I always feel I've abandoned Florence.
I bought lots of trinkets to decorate her grave, souvenirs from a holiday she could never go on. I'll take them to her today.
I also bought a little tweed rabbit for baby boy. I fell in love with tweed while away and have a million ideas in my head for a winter wardrobe and a few other things all made from beautiful tweed. I'm always relieved to know I can still be inspired, sometimes I think my brain is so weary from grief and from pregnancy after loss that there is no room left for creativity, but I have a page in one of my notebooks full of "Scottish inspiration" , and perhaps even some plans to keep me busy over the next few weeks until baby boy arrives...and he's going to arrive, and I have to, and I do believe he's going to be well, especially since I've just sent Woody off to collect a stupidly expensive,but beautiful pram to push him around in. (I was brave and talked prams over the phone with a salesman, and didn't cry even when he suggested I pay a deposit for it now and collect it after the baby was born...maybe he has experience of dead baby returns...who knows.)

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  1. Oh, I'm teary after almost all of your posts, but now I am also smiling because I am imagining your little chap dressed in some kind of Sherlock Holmes tweed outfit :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely time, and a big step in getting a pram. Big ((hugs)) to you. Thinking of you lots.

  3. I love tweed, and I think its lovely that you still have that create spark to make things for him. I had so much of that last time and this time I've let my sewing machine and serger languish in the pantry. Made a few pairs of longies but they have sat with their hems undone, and I'm afraid to finish them lest that mean I'm done "preparing" and that means now I only have to wait (enter feeling of impending doom).

    Did you get the Stokke stroller? Or another? One thing I have been binging on is Didymos wraps, which in themselves have a benign non-babyness somehow, but I'm probably extremely delusional at this point.

    Thinking of you, praying we get to keep these two in a few weeks time...

  4. Roof, you made me laugh imagining a little sherlock!

    Mindy, yep I got the Stokke. I can totally understand the didymos buying though, I have a few of those already. :0)

  5. Am so pleased you all managed a break away, and what a lovely photo of you all, especially you and bump.

    Rooting for you and keeping up those prayers!
    Big hugs San xxx

  6. You will not regret getting an Xplory. They rock!

  7. Anonymous12:53 am

    Sorry to hear about you wobbles. Glad you and the family are having fun. Think about you always. (((Hugs)))

  8. Tummy bugs always have the best timing! Glad you were well enough to still go. Well done you on spoiling yourself with a nice pram, can't wait to see piccies :D

  9. Tummy bugs always have the best timing! Glad you were well enough to still go. Well done you on spoiling yourself with a nice pram, can't wait to see piccies :D

  10. Glad you had a good holiday. Love Scotland, such fab scenery.
    Missed you! he he xxx


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