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Outfit for a friend's baby., originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Lots to say and nothing to say. Keeping busy, trying not to think too much. Wishing the next few weeks away.
This outfit was completed today for a friend's baby. I'm a bit nervous about it actually, and wish I'd taken a better well, you get the idea I hope.

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  1. Oh it's just lovely. Sending much love and good vibes these next few weeks.

  2. Why are you nervous about it??!! You're a genius seamstress. It's lovely. My only worry is that he'll be too big too soon as he's already outgrown some 3-6 month clothes and he's not even 5 months yet! I'll get you another photo which you can use if you want. :) Will be thinking of you too. xx

  3. i am in love with this outfit!!!

  4. Why are you nervouse about it? It is gorgeous!
    Thinking of you ((hugs))

  5. Super gorgeous :D Owls are fab!


  6. Love the owl print. Hope the next few weeks pass quickly for you x

  7. Oh Jeanette, what a lovely outfit! i love owls! we're owls, well, that's what our surname means in Turkish. It's beautiful! Hope you're feeling ok and glad you got inspired on your holiday. Sorry to hear you were all ill, boooo for bugs, glad you've recovered XXXXX lots of love

  8. That outfit is so gorgeous! Lovely to see an outfit which is an unusual colour and print...

    hope you've fully recovered from the nasty bug - thinking of you over the next few weeks


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